Not only did the FBI prompt Twitter and Facebook to censor the Hunter Biden laptop story, but the bureau also did so by deceiving the companies. 

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Elon Musk’s release of internal communications pre-dating his purchase of Twitter is providing an ever-expanding menu of scandals. From Twitter coordinating censorship decisions with the government and politicians, to the censorship of scientists discussing the Covid response, to the blacklisting of prominent conservatives — including candidates for office — to the banning of the president of the United States from Twitter based on a pretext, each edition of the “Twitter Files” launches a new angle of outrage over the tech giant’s politically motivated decision-making. 

But the barrage of information is blinding both pundits and the public to the most egregious political scandal in recent history: Our FBI interfered in the 2020 election by lying to tech giants about the Hunter Biden laptop story to induce Twitter, Facebook, and likely others to censor the story. 

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‘Hacked Materials’

The Hunter Biden laptop story, of course, refers to the New York Post’s Oct. 14, 2020 article, “Smoking-Gun Email Reveals How Hunter Biden Introduced Ukrainian Businessman to VP Dad,” that details emails, text messages, and videos recovered from the hard drive of a laptop Hunter abandoned at a computer repair shop in Delaware. In the first dump of the Twitter Files, independent journalist Matt Taibbi focused on “How and Why Twitter Blocked the Hunter Biden Laptop Story.” 

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