Posted BY: Christopher Chantrill

What’s comforting about the Twitter Files is the satisfaction of knowing the exact connections between the wokey useful idiots at Twitter and their Deep State masters.

It’s easy to think of the social-media big boys as cunning and malevolent monsters, but if they are anything like the world of SBF and FTX, it seems to me that they are shallow fools — naifs, silly wokey putty in the hands of the regime security police. I just can’t take a woman like Vijaya Gadde seriously. Or a man like Yoel Roth.

Maybe that’s the point of today’s woke education system. To train up weak, conformable non-binary Kates that literally know nothing but doing the bidding of their regime handlers — without question.

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The message that I get from all this is that our educated ruling class is in worse shape than we thought.

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