On Tuesday Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Twitter global attorney Vijaya Gadde, and independent journalist Tim Pool.

Here is Vijaye with Hillary Clinton.

During the three hour interview Jack and Vijaya were peppered with questions by Tim Pool on the social media giant’s censorship of conservative voices. Tim caught the Twitter founder and his far left attorney in a series of lie

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey directly contradicted video evidence produced by Project Veritas during an interview Tuesday on The Joe Rogan Experience.

After journalist Tim Pool discussed the fact that Twitter bans users for engaging in harassment campaigns, CEO Jack Dorsey said: “We do look at coordination of accounts.”


Joe Rogan chimed in, asking “Do you do that through direct messages?”

“Uh…I don’t know about direct messages,” Dorsey replied, directly contradicting a Project Veritas investigation.

“Do you read direct messages?” Rogan asked, pressuring Dorsey on the topic.

“We don’t read direct messages,” Dorsey responded.

“Project Veritas released undercover footage of Twitter engineers and employees admitting that Twitter employees view all of your private messages on their servers and analyze the information to create a ‘virtual profile’ of you which they sell to advertisers,” reads a 2018 Project Veritas report. “There’s teams dedicated to it. I mean, we’re talking, we’re talking three or four…at least, three or four hundred people…Yes, they’re paid to look at pics,” one Twitter employee told a Project Veritas journalist.

WATCH the full interview here: