Posted BY: Cristina Laila

Elon Musk’s “Twitter Files” part 5 was released by Bari Weiss on Monday.

Part 5 of the release includes part 3 of the internal discussions on the day President Trump was permanently banned from Twitter on January 8, 2021.

According to the files released on Monday, Trump was banned from the platform even though Twitter execs privately concluded Trump never violated any of the policies.

However, Twitter employees were hell-bent on deplatforming Trump anyway.

Members on the “scaled enforcement team” viewed Trump as a leader of a terrorist group shortly before they announced his permanent ban.

They said Trump is responsible for violence and death comparable to Hitler.

Members of that team came to “view him as the leader of a terrorist group responsible for violence/deaths comparable to Christchurch shooter or Hitler and on that basis and on the totality of his Tweets, he should be de-platformed.

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