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The former head of Trust and Safety at the social media giant, Yoel Roth, may have been the weak link in protecting children on Twitter. Roth was also behind much of the censorship of conservatives on the platform and only recently left the company in November.
The latest #TwitterFiles report released on Twitter Friday night by Matt Taibbi included information on Roth colluding with federal officials against conservatives and blacklisting influential voices like President Trump. The federal government, along with Twitter and Facebook, interfered in the 2020 election by promoting leftist views and candidates and suppressing conservatives. Although Twitter specialized in suspending accounts, the focus may have been more concerned with politics and less on keeping kids safe.
Dinesh D’Souza retweeted one of Roth’s creepy posts that draws attention to his lack of concern for sexualizing children. D’souza weighed in, saying, “Hard to believe this creep was basically running Twitter. He sounds like he’s auditioning here for an invitation to Epstein’s island.”

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