Source: Robert Besser

HOPKINS COUNTY, Kentucky: Two infants were found alive in a bathtub that was ripped from their home by a tornado sweeping across Kentucky on December 17, according to the babies’ grandmother, Clara Lutz.

Lutz told WFIE-TV that as the tornado approached, she placed the twin infants, under one year of age, to shelter in a bathtub along with a cover sheet, cushion, and a Bible.

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She then told how the home, located in Hopkins County, began shaking as the tornado struck.

“Next thing I knew, the tub had lifted and it was out of my hands. I couldn’t hold on.” Lutz said.
Lutz’s home was ripped off its base by the tornado, and as the home was destroyed Lutz was struck in the head. She recalled searching for the infants amidst the debris that had once been her home.

“All I could say was, Lord please bring my babies back safely,” Lutz said.

The tub, with the infants still inside it, was later found overturned in Lutz’s yard. Sheriffs on the scene reunited Lutz with her infant grandchildren.

One of the children, three-month-old Dallas, was rushed to a Nashville hospital after bleeding developed in his brain due to his having bumped his head. However, the bleeding had stopped by the time the child reached the hospital.

Lutz said that the infants’ mother and father reside at the north end of the county and their home was largely unharmed by the twister.

Some 90 people lost their lives when more than 40 tornados swept through neighboring states.