The suspect also started a fire that destroyed two homes.


Two police officers were killed in Honolulu, Hawaii, on Sunday, in a crime spree that also resulted in the destruction of two homes through arson.

A suspect has been named as 69-year old Jerry Hanel, who is said to have began his violent crime spree after stabbing his landlord. He began setting fire to residences in his neighborhood, and opening fire on police officers responding to the incident.

Up to four homes are set afire by Hanel, with at least two of them fully destroyed. Reports indicate that Hanel died in a structure he set aflame during the crime spree.

Hawaii News Now reports that Hanel had a history of violent crime and making false police reports. If the suspect had a felony criminal record, he was ineligible to legally own a firearm. If so, it’s unclear how he would have obtained a firearm to use against law enforcement in the midst of his violent arson spree.

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