WASHINGTON D.C.: As Americans return post-pandemic normal lives, U.S. motorists drove 55 percent more miles in April than during the one year of the pandemic lockdown.

The Federal Highway Administration reports that American motorists drove 256.5 billion miles in April, an increase of 90.6 billion miles over April 2020.

However, U.S. motorists drove 20 billion fewer miles in April, compared to April 2019. Possibly this is because so many Americans continue to work from home or only occasionally drive to their offices.

Officials report that in 2020, road travel fell 13.2 percent to 2.83 trillion vehicle miles, down 430 billion miles, the lowest since 2001.

However, as more Americans are vaccinated travel is picking up, including air and transit, as the public returns to offices or takes leisure and business trips.

There were some 500 million fewer airline passengers in 2020, along with 5.3 billion fewer trips on buses and rail systems in 2020.

Though U.S. air travel is rising quickly, airline passenger travel remains down about 25 percent over pre-pandemic levels.