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By providing Ukraine with weapons, the United States has already opened a can of worms to Russia’s allies giving it the same level of support. And now that it appears that Beijing may step in and make that a reality, Washington’s military establishment is crying “foul.”

According to U.S. officials who spoke to The Wall Street Journal, intelligence indicates China is considering providing Russia with ammunition and artillery.

The United States has warned Beijing that China would “alienate” itself from the world if it were to help Russia with the war in Ukraine.

“I think it would alienate them from a number of countries in the world, including our European allies, and it would put them … into the center of responsibility for the kinds of war crimes and bombardments of civilians and atrocities that the Russians are committing in Ukraine,” said White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan on NBC’s Meet the Press. He added that “their weapons would in effect be used for the slaughter of people in Ukraine.”

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“I don’t think it is in China’s interest to do this,” said Sullivan, “but that’s a decision Beijing is going to have to make for itself.”

The national security advisor assured that “We have not seen China yet provide military equipment to Russia for purposes of fighting in the war in Ukraine,” but said the administration would remain “vigilant.”

The word that China is considering sending ammunition to Russia amid the war came as China on Friday — the anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine — issued a 12-point plan for peace that involves de-escalation, keeping nuclear facilities secure, and creating humanitarian corridors to protect civilians.

Earlier in February, the Chinese regime publicly criticized the U.S. for voicing suspicions that Beijing is providing Moscow with nonlethal military aid, rebuking American leadership for intervening in China’s relationship with Russia.

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