UFO researchers have just recently launched data revealing the West Midlands Region in the UK is ending up being a hot spot for the unidentified flying object (UFO) sightings for 2022.

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So far this year, 42 separate sightings have actually been reported in the area, which includes West Midlands city county, Warwickshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Worcestershire, and Herefordshire.

BonusInsider, a research group that has examined UFO data (put together by means of Freedom of Information demands, together with local and national media reports) discovered there have actually been a total of 17 sightings in the West Midlands city county alone.


“According to the data for 2022, the most typically reported UFO was ‘star-like’, as explained in 126 reports. Other typical shapes were ‘orb’ (80 reports), ‘circular’ (55 reports), ‘cylinder’ (52 reports), ‘sphere’ (42 reports), and ‘triangle’ (35 reports),” the report stated.

While the West Midlands is starting to challenge the Southeast (which had 75 reported sightings in 2015) as the UK’s hot spot, it still lags behind the Northwest and Southwest of England. With UFO sightings increasing, this upward trend is most likely to continue in the coming years.

The news follows a series of reported sightings of unidentified flying objects in the United States and Canada in the previous month.

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