Source: FoundersGirl

Oh, dear.

Self-proclaimed leftist darling, David Hogg, has taken issue with the inefficient & expensive processes generated by … Leftist policies?

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He’s starting to sound a bit like a capitalist, doesn’t he know his social media leftist goon reputation is on the line? Sure, there was the failed pillow venture, but that could be waived off as an opportunist’s stab at opposing right-wing wacko and Trump supporter, Mike Lindell. Never mind that imitation is a form of flattery.

Sorry, it didn’t take off Davey.

If Hogg stays with this train of thought, the implications are potentially amusing in that hypocritical Leftist makes exceptions for personal benefit sort of way. 

Ok, maybe not far enough to red pill. But it’s nice to see David, at least, has some perspective being tossed in his general direction. 

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though, the overall tone of David’s latest public lamenting is on par with typical leftist whining. 

It’s hard for him, despite that fancy Harvard education. Sympathy, please.