Posted BY: Mac Slavo

According to mainstream media in the United Kingdom, The West is preparing for a nuclear war. Western governments are allegedly drawing up plans to avoid panic among their citizens should a nuclear weapon be used in Ukraine.

Two major UK media outlets have reported that the alleged preparations come as NATO officials are fueling speculation about the possibility, and issuing repeated warnings that Moscow would face “severe consequences” if it deployed the bomb. When asked whether options and crisis plans were in place to address the aftermath of a nuclear detonation in Eastern Europe, an unnamed Western official confirmed that such plans were underway, according to reports in the Times and theGuardian.

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“As you would expect, the government is conducting prudent planning for a range of possible scenarios of which that is one,” the official told reporters on Friday, referring to a nuclear strike, according to RT

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Officials say the governments could distribute leaflets telling people how to survive a nuclear war. But based on reactions to the coronavirus scamdemic, we know the media’s job isn’t to “keep people alive” its to panic them and keep them in a constant state of fear as they look to their master for salvation.

What The Telegraph described as a “nuclear war of words” between Russia and the West started last month, after Russian President Vladimir Putin vowed that Moscow would use “all the means” at its disposal if Russia’s territorial integrity was threatened. The statement was interpreted by the US and its allies as a “veiled threat” to deploy nuclear weapons during the conflict in Ukraine. –RT

“Putin knows that if he uses a nuclear weapon in Ukraine, it will have severe consequences for Russia,” NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said on Wednesday. Instead of calming the nuclear rhetoric, certain ruling classes are making sure they advance it and attempt to bring it to fruition as they continue to panic the public.

Poland, a major supplier of weapons to Kyiv in its battle against Russian forces, has suggested that Washington expand its nuclear-sharing program and deploy warheads on its territory to serve as a deterrent against Moscow. President Andrzej Duda and deputy PM Jaroslaw Kaczynski have both floated the proposal in recent months.

As of right now, there is only fear-mongering and attempts to panic the public. A nuclear war would be devastating but the ruling classes have mastered ways to control the public through emotions and reactions. Most will be willing slaves for the chance that they might get to live a little longer.