Source: GNews

A story by Newsweek on November 30th, 2021, talks about as far as the Secret Intelligence Service in the UK is concerned China’s overconfidence could easily lead to war, so, therefore, China has become the No.1 priority as any miscalculation could be devastating. MI6 Chief Richard Moore recently gave his first public speech since becoming head of the organization formerly known as the Secret Intelligence Service last October, he went on to say that China, Russia, Iran, and international terrorism were the ‘big four’ threats facing the UK spies with China taking the No.1 position.

Richard Moore has previously stated that he thought China to be an authoritarian state that has totally different values to ours, saying that Beijing has conducted many large-scale espionage operations against the UK and our allies. Also with the propaganda arm of China’s military operations, it is capable of distorting and manipulating political decision-making. The problem with Beijing Moore added is that it believes its own propaganda regarding the frailties of the west especially the resolve of Washington and if China were to ever miscalculate due to overconfidence the results could be devastating.