Source: Nworeport

LONDON, England: Those European Union citizens living in Britain will be issued a 28-day notice in which they can apply for settled status in Britain.

Since leaving the EU, Britain is developing a new immigration system that does not give priority to citizens from the bloc over those from other countries.

Officials say some 5.6 million EU citizens have so far applied for residency rights in Britain prior to the June 30 deadline.

“The UK’s approach is very generous. Our EU settlement scheme has been open for more than two years. Many EU countries have an application window of 12 months or less; France’s is currently open for less than nine months,” interior minister Priti Patel wrote in the Telegraph newspaper.

The government has said that the 28-day notice should not be seen as a date when individuals will be deported from Britain.

The government plan calls for EU citizens who can prove they were living in Britain before Dec. 31 to retain the right to work, study and access benefits.

Those EU citizens who do not apply during the 28-day notice will not be eligible for work or benefits, and will lose the right to services, such as free non-urgent healthcare.