Activist gave convincing tearful performance pleading for British PM and NATO to support no-fly zone.

Source: Adan Salazar

A hysterical Ukrainian activist who broke down in tears begging UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to impose a no-fly zone on Russia has been exposed as one of World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab’s minions.

Activist Daria Kaleniuk gave a convincing tearful performance during a press conference by Johnson Tuesday addressing the Russia-Ukraine crisis, in which she pleaded for the British PM and NATO to support a no-fly zone.

“Ukrainian women and Ukrainian children are in deep fear because of bombs and missiles which are going from the sky,” Kaleniuk told Johnson during the presser, choking back tears. “Ukrainian people are desperately asking for the rights to protect our sky. We are asking for a no-fly zone.”

“We are seeing responses that it will trigger World War Three, but what is the alternative Mr Prime Minister?” added the activist, who was referred to as a journalist in some media reports.

The National Pulse reports, however, Kaleniuk actually belongs to an exclusive group of “Young Global Leaders” tapped by the World Economic Forum to help usher in the Great Reset agenda.

Indeed, Kaleniuk’s photo and bio appear on the WEF’s website dedicated to the community of Young Global Leaders.


The National Pulse reports:

Kaleniuk featured as a Joe Biden “supporter” in an ABC News interview from 2019, after which she was used in a Joe Biden campaign video posted January 21 2020.

“She’s not a journalist, she’s an activist for the same interests who started the conflict in 2014,” commented Pulse editor Raheem J. Kassam, referring to the years-long Soros-funded “Color revolution” that led to the overthrow of Ukraine’s former Russian-friendly government.

The WEF’s Young Global Leaders came under scrutiny recently after the crackdown on the Canadian Freedom Convoy led many to discover comments from Great Reset architect Klaus Schwab bragging about the WEF’s modus operandi in penetrating the Cabinets of several world governments due to help from the so-called leaders.

“And I have to say, when I mention our names, like Mrs. Merkel, even Vladimir Putin and so on, they all have been Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum,” Schwab told political commentator and Bohemian Grove alum David Gergen in 2017.

“But what we are very proud of now is the young generation like Prime Minister Trudeau, president of elsewhere, Argentina and so on…”

“So we penetrate the cabinets,” Schwab admitted.

“So yesterday, I was at the reception for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau,” Schwab continued, “and I would know that half of this cabinet or even more than half of this cabinet are our actually young global leaders of the world.”

The activist’s contrived outburst comes as the Western-controlled global media has been accused of flooding social media with made-up stories and pro-war propaganda despite the threat of nuclear war.