The recent HIMARS strike that reportedly destroyed a Russian base followed a series of particularly brutal Russian attacks in recent days. On Friday, Russian air strikes killed at least 26 Ukrainians including children.

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Ukrainian forces allegedly launched a HIMARS strike targeting a Russian base this weekend. In a widely circulated video released by the Twitter handle @GeoConfirmed footage of the barrage’s aftermath appears to show a completely destroyed Russian officer post. 

Russian officer Oleg Marzoev announced on Telegram that three U.S.-supplied HIMARS missiles struck the facility where the Vladikavkaz garrison of the 58thArmy was positioned. A second video circulated on Twitter was captured by an officer roughly 20km from the strike.

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@Marzoev explained that “Two rockets that hit the building itself pierced the roof and exploded between the first and second floors, completely collapsing them in that part, folding concrete floors … At the same time, after the explosion, one of the missiles, by inertia, pierced another concrete slab into the basement, in the center of the room where three officers were at that moment, and the concrete floor of the basement itself, scattered, cut through the space with fragments of the hull, smashed walls.”

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