Media and politicians exaggerating reports to further demonize Russia

Posted BY: Kelen McBreen

The Ukrainian Parliament’s Human Rights Commissioner, Lyudmila Denisova, was removed from her position on Tuesday after 234 politicians voted for her dismissal.

Politico reporter Christopher Miller wrote on Twitter, “Ukraine’s parliament just fired human rights ombudsman Lyudmila Denisova. MPs claimed her work focused on the rape of Ukrainians by Russian troops which ‘couldn’t be confirmed with evidence […] only harmed Ukraine and distracted the global media from Ukraine’s real needs.’”

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Ukrainian news website reports, “The reasons for Denisova’s dismissal were as follows: the repeated failure to perform her duties related to the establishment of humanitarian corridors, protection and swap of prisoners, counteracting the deportation of adults and children from the occupied territories, other human right activities; focusing the ombudsman’s media activity on the numerous details of ‘unnatural sexual offenses’ and child sexual abuses in the occupied territories, which were unsupported by evidence and only harmed Ukraine.”

In addition to spending too much time focusing on alleged sex crimes that she ultimately couldn’t prove with evidence, Denisova was also criticized for spending time in “warm Western Europe” instead of in Russia or Belarus where she could “help prisoners, deportees, and victims.”

As the Ukrainian politician is fired for failing to prove Russian soldiers are raping citizens, Western media is being flooded with reports of these heinous crimes taking place.