In the video, the actress—dressed in an embroidered gown and a national Ukrainian headdress—threatens to invade troops in retaliation for the deaths of war victims in Bucha, Irpin, Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, and Mariupol. She predicts they would never return home to Russia and makes a hand motion slitting the throat.

TRENDING: Global Rice Production Set to Plunge 10%, Threatening Half Of Humanity

The Ukrainian star of the video, Andrianna Kurylets, was immediately targeted for retaliation. “Simply incredible. They’re looking for the producers of this insane clip, Popov said, adding that the producers “need to be punished” after claiming that the clip was “funded by Ukrainian organizations from New Jersey.”

Popov stated that a criminal case was opened against Kurylets. “She is from Lviv, so we’ll have to march on Lviv… To find her,” Popov said. Zhuravlyov beamed with excitement, adding: “That is the end of her.”

The state media pundit was quick to declare that Kurylets, who has since shut down her social media accounts, “should be scared. She will now have to run all over the planet to avoid being found… she is no longer a human… Or is she thinking she won’t have to be held responsible? She will, she certainly will.”

And this video is the response from Russia.

The actress has been threatened with death…