Posted BY: Bill | NwoReport

The destruction of Lahaina in Maui, Hawaii, has raised numerous questions, causing skepticism even among those who usually trust the government. A peculiar phenomenon observed in the aftermath was the selective preservation of blue-colored items while everything else turned to ash. Houses, cars, umbrellas, and planters in shades of blue remained untouched amidst the devastation. Videos captured by Geoff Cygnus showcased these anomalies, where blue objects stood intact while the surroundings were reduced to ruins. Notably, FEMA imposed a media blackout in West Maui, fueling suspicions further.

Cygnus, the individual behind the videos, possesses extensive footage that he claims reveals more irregularities, hinting at a potential directed energy weapon (DEW) attack rather than a conventional wildfire. He mentioned that the footage has been shared with trusted individuals to prevent its deletion by authorities. Cygnus faced government agents’ unexpected visit when filming scenes using a sky drone, highlighting potential retaliation against his efforts to expose the truth.

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To protect his family, Cygnus is cautious about disclosing the whole story all at once. He plans to share portions of the narrative on his TikTok page progressively. Despite challenges and threats, Cygnus remains committed to shedding light on the situation and maintaining evidence dissemination. As Lahaina’s mysterious disaster continues to baffle, Cygnus’s dedication to unveiling the truth persists, offering a unique perspective that challenges the official narrative. Those interested can follow his ongoing updates on TikTok.