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The article delves into the tragic events surrounding the wildfires in Hawaii, highlighting various aspects of mismanagement and poor decision-making that contributed to the devastating consequences. Initially, the article discusses the lack of proper warning systems, as authorities decided not to activate warning sirens despite the growing danger. Eyewitnesses contradict the reported death toll, asserting that there are likely hundreds of casualties, potentially even reaching thousands.

One major issue mentioned is the closure of schools due to power outages, leaving many children at home without parental supervision during the fires. The author questions the logic behind decisions such as not using sirens for alerts and highlights instances where survivors were turned away by authorities when they attempted to provide assistance.

The article criticizes Hawaiian Electric for insufficiently addressing power line safety despite previous wildfire incidents. The utility’s limited investment in wildfire-specific projects and preparations is highlighted as a contributing factor to the crisis.

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Several anecdotes are shared to emphasize the impact of poor decision-making during the disaster. There are reports of survivors falling ill from government-provided water and accounts of bureaucrats intentionally withholding water needed to fight the fires.

The piece also touches on Governor Josh Green’s response to the disaster and his alignment with the United Nations’ sustainable development goals. The author expresses skepticism about globalist “solutions” and suggests that the world does not need further interventions from these entities. The article concludes by acknowledging the lasting impact of the tragedy and calling for prayers for the survivors. It also promotes the author’s new book and encourages readers to support their work.

In summary, the article sheds light on various aspects of the Hawaii wildfires, pointing out the failure of authorities and decision-makers to adequately respond to the crisis, leading to significant loss of life and devastation.