The American public is paying this unhinged woman’s salary.

NPR’s Josie Huang flattened on pavement and arrested outside of St. Francis hospital in Los Angeles on Saturday night.

On Saturday night two Sheriff’s deputies including a 31-year-old mother of a six-year-old were ambushed and shot in their car in Los Angeles.
Video shows a very short man or child stalking the sitting car and then shooting the two deputies several times in the head.

When the deputies were brought to St. Francis Hospital in Los Angeles by ambulance Black Lives Matter activistsswarmed the hospital and blocked the entry and screamed, “We hope the bitch dies!”

Local ABC News then captured police arresting a NPR reporter Josie Huang who was laying on the ground.

Bill McCarren, the National Press Club Executive Director, then lashed out at LAPD after NPR reporter Josie Huang was cuffed and arrested.

The LA County Sheriffs explained the arrest of the NPR reporter– She’s NOT the victim!

According to police Josie Huang “ran towards the deputies and ignored repeated commands to stand back.”
How outrageous!
She was hanging with BLM outside the hospital and then stormed the police!