Posted BY: Olivia Murray

There’s a reason we call it the Uniparty — because Democrats and Republican “leadership” are one and the same. By day, Republicans like Ronna McDaniel and Kevin McCarthy stump for conservatism, and rail against corrupted and weaponized federal agencies; by night they dine on Maine lobster at state dinners with Emmanuel Macron and Hunter Biden, and laugh at their exploits.

Under Ronna McDaniel’s direction, the Democrats have made tremendous gains — both outside and inside the Republican Party. The “red wave” was nothing more than a “red trickle.” She has accomplished the exact opposite of what she should be accomplishing. There’s a divide, between America First conservatives and Establishment cronies, and everybody knows it.

Now, McDaniel, the wolf dons her sheep’s skin again, pretends to be a patriot, and hawks her latest sleight-of-hand. In an article published by The Hill today:

‘We can’t hate each other so much that we forget what the Democrats are doing to this country,’ she [McDaniel] said.

McDaniel encouraged Republicans to vote Republican down the ballot rather than deciding on their votes based on the specific candidate.

‘We can’t be so mad at each other that we say, “I’m not going to vote for this Republican because they like this candidate or they’re a RINO or establishment of MAGA,”’ said the chairwoman.

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Except, this is the exact attitude and “strategy” that turned Arizona blue. We’ve seen in real-time what happens when Establishment Republicans waterboard conservatives with unprincipled politicians, just because they have an “R” next to their name.

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