Classically authoritarian nations appearing to be more free than the United States on vaccines is not a good sign for the future of the West.

Source: Nworeport

America appears to be edging closer to medical tyranny than even Communist China or Russia, who have not mandated experimental COVID vaccines for their people.

In America, Joe Biden recently declared that all federal workers and the U.S. military must be subjected to the experimental mRNA injection.

Additionally, he praised businesses for enforcing vaccine mandates on employees and companies requiring vaccine passports for customers.

However, Communist China’s center for disease control and prevention under the National Health Commission dismissed last month mandatory vaccines for citizens, stressing the importance of “informed, consented and voluntary” principles of getting its 1.4 billion people the shot, according to the Global Times.

In fact, even when some cities in China tried to implement vaccine mandates for students and government workers, the central government reportedly intervened to scrap the measures.

Likewise, Russian President Vladimir Putin has publicly denounced vaccine mandates, although he stopped short of denouncing local authorities who tried implementing mandatory injections for “at-risk groups.”

“I once said that I do not support mandatory vaccination, and I continue to adhere to this point of view,” Putin said this week. “However, the law says that in the event of an increase in the number of cases and in the event of an epidemic, regional heads can introduce mandatory vaccination for certain groups of people, especially risk groups.”

But Moscow has cancelled its vaccine passport initiative in the wake of massive public backlash.

It’s also worth noting that China and Russia aren’t distributing experimental mRNA vaccines like the ones being forced on Americans.

China’s most widely distributed vaccine is the CoronaVac shot, which uses a more traditional technology of inactivated viral particles, much like the polio vaccine.

Sputnik V, Russia’s own coronavirus vaccine, also uses conventional vaccine technology.

Unlike those injections, the mRNA gene therapy vaccine created by pharmaceutical giants Pfizer and Moderna has not gone through the typical rigorous human trials. In fact, the companies fast-tracked trials by testing humans and animals simultaneously.

Therefore, the long-term side effects of such experimental technology is still unknown.

But despite this, the Biden administration is doing what even classically totalitarian nations like China and Russia won’t do, which is force an experimental shot on its own citizens.

The fact Communist China and Russia appear to respect freedom on this issue more than America is not an encouraging sign for the future of the West.