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“It’s not a place where people feel supported but a place where people feel treated like s—.”

No shock to discerning Americans, “VP” Harris is quite a tyrannical employer. Apparently, her team (mostly new due to constant turn-over of staff on her rise to the top) has grown irritated with being treated like sh poorly, creating low morale, porous lines of communication, and distrust among aides and senior officials.

While much of the frustration is aimed at Tina Flournoy, Harris’ chief of staff, her employees lay much of the blame on Harris saying “It all starts at the top”.

Speaking anonymously in order to be candid, one administration official from Harris’s office told Politico, “People are thrown under the bus from the very top, there are short fuses and it’s an abusive environment,” said another person with direct knowledge of how Harris’ office is run. “It’s not a healthy environment and people often feel mistreated. It’s not a place where people feel supported but a place where people feel treated like s—.”

Politico spoke with 22 current and former vice presidential aides, officials, and associates who describe a demeaning and toxic work environment. According to Politico:

The dysfunction in the VP’s ranks threatens to complicate the White House’s carefully crafted image as a place staffed by a close-knit group of professionals working in concert to advance the president’s agenda. It’s pronounced enough that members of the president’s own team have taken notice and are concerned about the way Harris’ staffers are treated.

For some of the people who know Harris best, it’s become an all-too-familiar pattern for a politician who has churned through several iterations of staff on her rise and took office with a team almost entirely new to her.

Just six months in, some of those aides in the Office of the Vice President said they are eyeing other employment opportunities. Others have left already. In recent days, two top advance staffers, Karly Satkowiak and Gabrielle DeFranceschi parted ways with Harris in what they and Harris officials said were long-planned departures, a point disputed by two other people familiar with the matter.

Ms. Flournoy reportedly lords over an environment where ‘ideas are ignored or met with harsh dismissals and decisions are dragged out,’ Politico reported. She allegedly ‘refuses to take responsibility’ and blames staffers for negative results.

Sounds like a great place to work if you’re into abuse. Where does one obtain an application?