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The ongoing political landscape is fraught with concerns about the erosion of our constitutional safeguards, leading some to speculate about the potential for a totalitarian regime. A cover narrative has emerged among Democrats, drawing on January 6, 2021, as a pretext for this alleged power shift. Former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund’s recent revelations during an interview with Tucker Carlson have fueled the suspicion of a calculated move to justify a totalitarian takeover. This strategy is likened to the infamous Reichstag Fire operation employed by the Nazis.

One prominent figure in this discussion is Kamala Harris, touted by some as an insurance policy against Joe Biden’s potential impeachment. She made a remarkable claim on MSNBC that she wakes up every morning thinking about “our democracy.” Critics argue that such statements are part of a broader narrative that echoes the Nazi “Big Lie” strategy.

The notion of “our democracy” is tied to the constitutional republic that has shaped the nation for over two centuries. It is emphasized that the United States is not a pure democracy but a representative republic, with the interpretation of its constitution overseen by the Supreme Court, the head of the Judicial Branch.

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Recent actions by the Biden Administration have raised concerns about respecting constitutional principles. Guidelines issued to colleges and universities undermine a recent Supreme Court ruling on racial discrimination in admissions. While the administration maintains that institutions can still consider various qualities of applicants, including race-related characteristics, they are prohibited from providing preferential treatment based on race in the admissions process.

This approach contrasted past instances when the Left championed the “law of the land,” particularly in the context of abortion rights. The current administration’s willingness to circumvent clear court rulings through technical means raises questions about its commitment to the constitutional order. In conclusion, the situation prompts skepticism about the motives and actions of the Democrats, leading some to assert that a calculated effort may be underway to undermine democratic principles. The evolving narrative and actions within the political arena suggest a need for vigilant observation and critical analysis to discern the trajectory of the nation’s governance.