Source: Mike LaChance

A new poll from NPR is the latest to suggest that the Democrats are headed towards defeat in November.

Most people expect the Democrats to lose the House of Represntatives, but as time goes on, it looks like the Senate is in play too.

The biggest question now is how many seats the Republicans will win.

Townhall reports:

NPR Poll Puts Another Nail in Dems’ Midterm Coffin

Just how doomed are Democrats in November’s midterms? It doesn’t take a statistician to read the writing on the wall — inflation sitting at 40-year highs, gas reaching an all-time high, a woke Democrat-education complex running amok, and an open border that’s triggered drug, humanitarian, and public health crises — and see that the party in power of the executive and legislative branches is in trouble.

A new poll out from NPR and Marist shows just how bad Democrats are doing and among which groups their support is trailing GOP candidates by double-digits on the generic congressional ballot question that asks “If this year’s election for Congress were held today, which party’s candidate are you more likely to vote for in your district?”

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Notably, the poll found 52 percent of latino voters would vote for a Republican compared to 39 percent who would choose a Democrat. For voters who have children under 18 years old, 60 percent said they’d vote for the GOP candidate while just 32 percent said they’d pick a Democrat. More voters under 45 years old also broke for Republicans (50 percent) over Democrats (40 percent).

Just look at these stunning numbers.

Republicans have an advantage on every issue.