Andrew Torba announced “Gab Next” on Tuesday

Source: National File

Gab CEO Andrew Torba announced on Tuesday the free speech social network would be rebuilt from the ground up, and include new features such as video calls, a marketplace, and a P2P payment system.

In a press release, Torba, who founded Gab in 2016, announced the company’s plan for “Gab Next,” a huge upgrade for the free speech social network. Gab Social, the main platform, will be moved over to the HYDRA infrastructure that currently powers all the other Gab products including Gab Trends, Gab TV, and the Gab Shop.

HYDRA, Gab’s in-house infrastructure system, is “secure, scalable, and has unmatched performance for a community as big as Gab,” Torba said, with Gab Social to be completely “rebuilt” and ported over to the new system within the next 90 days.

With the infrastructure change will come big upgrades for Gab. Torba announced some “exciting new features and tools” that will be possible on the new system, including: a Marketplace for Gab users to buy goods and services with each other; a P2P payment system; and a video calling system. Existing services like Gab Chat and Gab Trends will be able to be further integrated.

The new services are part of the wider plan from Torba and Gab to “build a new economy,” a vision that was revealed in February this year, following mass deplatforms of America First conservatives and President Trump himself from all levels of society. “Free markets inevitably emerge from free speech and the next evolution of Gab will provide the tools for that to happen,” Torba concluded.

National File previously reported that Torba had expressed interest in buying their own bank, after the New Tech site had been banned from four different banks in the space of four weeks, including a supposedly Christian bank.