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The United States Embassy in Belarus has issued a pressing advisory on, August 21st, urging Americans to exercise extreme caution while traveling to the country and compelling U.S. citizens already in Belarus to leave immediately. The warning comes amidst growing concerns over several critical factors.

Recent developments have significantly altered the security landscape in the region. The Lithuanian government took the decision to close two border crossings with Belarus on August 18th at Tverecius / Vidzy and Sumskas / Losha, citing mounting uncertainties. While four other crossings remain open at Lavoriskes / Kotlova, Medininkai / Kamenny, Raigardas / Privalka, and Salcininkai / Beniakoni, authorities from Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia have raised the possibility of further closures, adding to the complexity of the situation.

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The advisory highlights multiple reasons for the U.S. Embassy’s urgent recommendation. The Belarusian authorities’ involvement in facilitating Russia’s unprovoked assault on Ukraine, coupled with the presence of an increasing number of Russian military forces within Belarus, has raised alarms. Moreover, the arbitrary enforcement of local laws, the potential for civil unrest, and the risks associated with detention have heightened the sense of danger.

For U.S. citizens currently in Belarus, the embassy strongly advises an immediate departure. The recommended exit routes include the remaining open border crossings with Lithuania and Latvia, as well as air travel options. However, it’s crucial to note that overland entry into Poland from Belarus is not permissible for U.S. citizens. Additionally, the advisory emphasizes refraining from traveling to Russia or Ukraine due to the volatile geopolitical context.

In conclusion, the U.S. Embassy’s advisory underscores the gravity of the situation in Belarus and the surrounding region. The combination of Russia’s actions, the uncertainty of border closures, and the potential for internal turmoil has led to a call for swift action. U.S. citizens are urged to heed this advice and prioritize their safety by departing the country without delay.