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The United States Air Force released stunning new images of its B-21 Raider bomber, a nuclear-capable craft and the first of its kind to be introduced since the end of the Cold War. 

The next-generation stealth bomber was publicly unveiled at a ceremony in California last December. 

Two new photos of the B-21 Raider were shown off Tuesday at the 2023 Air and Space Forces Warfare Symposium in Aurora, Colorado.

Air Force Global Strike Commander Thomas A. Bussier called the craft the ‘future backbone of the bomber fleet,’ at the event. 

The United States will have a minimum of 100 of the B-21 Raiders – which have nuclear capabilities – at their disposal when they make their debut, which Bussier said would be sometime in the mid-2020s. 

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The actual cost of the B-21s is not known. In 2010, it was projected to cost $ 550 million, $ 750 million in 2023 dollars when adjusted for inflation.

The B-21 will not actually take flight until 2024. Long term, the US Air Force hopes to have at least 220 of them to replace old B-1 and B-2 bombers. 

The service has estimated that the program will likely cost at least $203 billion over 30 years to develop, purchase and maintain the B-21 fleet.