Posted BY: Kara | NwoReport

In an upcoming series of joint military exercises, the United States and Israel are set to simulate attacks on Iranian nuclear facilities, according to a report from The Times of Israel. While not officially confirmed by either nation, these drills are expected to occur in the coming months.

These exercises follow the Juniper Oak drills conducted in January, which marked a significant show of military cooperation between the US and Israel. The upcoming simulations will include scenarios such as Israel facing a multi-front missile attack, with the US deploying Patriot missile systems, and a joint US-Israeli strike on Iranian nuclear sites.

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It’s important to note that Iran has consistently denied any intention of developing nuclear weapons, a stance supported by a recent US intelligence report. Nevertheless, the simulations focus on potential attacks on Iranian nuclear facilities.

A key aspect often overlooked is that while Iran’s civilian nuclear program is scrutinized, Israel maintains a clandestine nuclear weapons program with an undisclosed arsenal, a matter not officially acknowledged by the US.

These developments occur against heightened tensions in the Persian Gulf between the US and Iran. In April, the US seized an Iranian oil tanker, leading to retaliatory Iranian actions with the seizure of two other tankers. In response, the US has increased its military presence in the region.

In conclusion, the upcoming joint military exercises between the US and Israel, simulating attacks on Iranian nuclear facilities, reflect the ongoing tensions in the region. While Iran asserts its peaceful nuclear intentions, the drills highlight the complex geopolitical dynamics and the continuing uncertainty in the Persian Gulf.