There is nothing new about the threats in this part of the world, but it appears efforts to deter them are being renewed, this time with a message of strength and allegiance.

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On the southeast coast of South Korea, its military is rehearsing.

It’s simulating the storming of a contested beach. Waves of KAAV amphibious assault vehicles crash onto the sand, and groups of infantry disembark and run to take up positions.

It is an impressive display with a precise focus, to defend peace on this peninsula.

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This sort of thing is routine enough for a nation still technically at war with its nuclear-armed northern neighbor, but it is the presence of its partner that is far less so.

Indeed, these drills are being run in collaboration with the United States and its that’s drawn attention.

“We’re here to support our alliance with the Republic of Korea Marine Corps and Navy,” says Captain Kevin Buss of the US Marines.

“It’s been a while since the last time we’ve done it, but this is a routine exercise, it’s defensive in nature and it’s just contributing to the combined defense of the Korean Peninsula.”

He was being careful with his words, but the broader message spoke for itself.

Indeed, the huge amphibious vehicle that roared onto the sand to “support” the initial Korean wave seemed to offer an apt metaphor for this relationship.

South Korea and US drills
South Korea and US drills
South Korea and US drills

A series of joint drills named Freedom Shield and Warrior Shield have been running for several weeks.

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