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Tennessee Congressman Tim Burchett has stated multiple times that the US government may be reverse-engineering extraterrestrial technology.

He recently told Newsweek that he believes the US has “recovered a craft at some point and possible beings.”

“Too many people in the know have told me that, and that we had to do something with these multiple craft that have crashed and we do not have the technology….I just believe it in my heart. I’ve talked to too many pilots, top pilots, our Navy pilots, the best pilots in the world, that have said this is what they’ve seen.”

These comments come amidst the recent “UFO” craze brought on by three unidentified flying objects being shot down by the US military a few weeks ago. Of course, the supposed Chinese spy balloon was a big part of this conversation as well, and in all cases, the US government has assured the public that none of the objects that were shot down are of extraterrestrial origin.

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The title of that article was exactly my point. Why do we see coverage of balloons and other gadgets all of a sudden blowing up in the mainstream, but complete silence regarding cases that would make the masses question the true nature of reality? For example, I covered an evidence-filled case of an event in this article I wrote back in January. Events like these have happened hundreds, if not thousands of times throughout history, but the public has not been made aware of them.

There are a lot of people in the field who believe that the US government will deceive the public and claim UFOs are extraterrestrial in origin to create some sort of false “threat” narrative around the phenomenon to serve their own interests, like weaponizing space perhaps. This may one day be the case given their track record of false flag terrorism, but if history tells us anything, the US government, or whoever controls the secrecy around this subject, has in fact led a long campaign of ridiculing the extraterrestrial hypothesis.

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