Posted BY: Jim Hoft

Since the 2020 election, the Democrat Party’s platform was to destroy the United States as a global power in 4 years or less.

It’s working pretty well.
** 5 million illegal aliens across the US southern border
** 800 deaths of illegal aliens crossing into the US – that we know about
** Record inflation – something we haven’t seen in 40 years
** Massive Failure on the international stage – Afghanistan debacle
** Arming our enemies like the Taliban with $80 billion in US weapons
** Jailing the opposition and raiding the former president’s home
** Record corruption – Pelosi and Biden families
** Destroy the US energy infrastructure

Exit polling on Tuesday showed Americans have had enough.

73% of voters were dissatisfied or angry about the destruction of the country.

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So they voted Democrats back into power.

They really want us to believe this too.