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The Wall Street Journal reported that Chinese nationals have made approximately 100 attempts to gain access to US government sites in recent years, leading American officials to suspect espionage activities under the guise of tourism. Despite the individuals often claiming to be tourists, US officials believe they might be spies. Notably, Beijing denies engaging in such espionage against the US.

According to US officials interviewed by the outlet, these “gate-crashers” have been found near off-limits American facilities, including instances where individuals walked onto a missile range in New Mexico or scuba-dived near a missile launch site in Florida. Some incidents appear innocuous, with Chinese tourists explaining that they followed Google Maps to nearby fast-food restaurants on military bases. However, some incursions raise concerns in areas with little tourism activity.

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When caught trespassing on bases, Chinese nationals are briefly detained and escorted off the premises. Individuals sometimes entered US bases by speeding through security checkpoints and faced criminal citations and future access bans.

US officials note that Chinese nationals often use seemingly scripted language when confronted, claiming to be lost tourists. The Chinese embassy in Washington dismissed espionage allegations as “ill-intentioned fabrications” and called for improved US-China relations.

This situation has strained US-China ties, especially in espionage concerns. In February, the US shot down a Chinese balloon over North America, alleging it attempted to surveil strategic sites. China maintained it was a civilian airship that entered US airspace due to force majeure. In late June, the Pentagon stated that the balloon failed to collect intelligence.

In conclusion, the Wall Street Journal’s report highlights ongoing tensions between the US and China regarding alleged espionage activities involving Chinese nationals posing as tourists near military bases. These incidents have raised security concerns and further strained diplomatic relations between the two nations.