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A massive global cyber attack exploiting a flaw in widely-used software has hit several US federal government agencies, according to a developing report.

The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) confirmed the agencies suffered the attack in a statement to CNN.

“CISA is providing support to several federal agencies that have experienced intrusions,” said Eric Goldstein, CISA’s Executive Assistant Director for Cybersecurity.

“We are working urgently to understand impacts and ensure timely remediation.”

As Reuters reported:

“CISA did not identify the agencies that were hit or say exactly how they had been affected. It did not immediately respond to requests seeking further comment. The FBI and National Security Agency also did not immediately respond to emails seeking details on the breaches.

The United States does not expect any “significant impact” from the breach, CISA Director Jen Easterly told MSNBC.”

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Hacktivist groups, KillNet, Anonymous Sudan, and REvil, have already declared a cyber war on the West.

The hacker groups threatened to unleash a massive cyber onslaught on the European banking system within “48 hours” (the information was relevant as of yesterday), according to Russian online newspaper

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