Source: Joe Hoft

The US Senate blocked a bill that would make abortion legal in the United States by 49-51 votes on Wednesday. All Republicans voted against the bill and were joined by Sen. Joe Manchin (D).

The Guardian reported earlier today on the effort to make abortions legal per federal law.

The Senate was poised on Wednesday to block a bill that would codify abortion rights into federal law, in a largely symbolic vote Democrats said was critical to mobilizing Americans around the issue ahead of a likely supreme court decision overturning Roe v Wade.

Democrats moved quickly to hold the vote after a leak last week of a draft opinion, written by Justice Samuel Alito in February and confirmed as authentic, indicated that a majority of the court had privately voted to strike down Roe and subsequent rulings.

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The extraordinary disclosure ignited protests around the country, pushing the deeply divisive issue to the center of US political life.

Moments before the Senate vote, a group of House Democratic women marched across the Capitol to protest against the end of Roe, chanting: “My body, my decision.”

We reported on this moments ago.

US News and World Report reported moments ago that the Senate blocked consideration of the bill:

A Democratic bill that would legalize abortion throughout the United States was failing to get the 60 votes needed to advance in the U.S. Senate on Wednesday, amid strong Republican opposition.

The vote was continuing on the bill that anticipated a U.S. Supreme Court ruling in coming weeks overturning the landmark Roe v. Wade ruling that enshrined the constitutional right to abortion.

The vote was 49-51.  The Democrats don’t have enough votes to codify abortion.  This is why legalizing abortion was pushed through the courts in the first place.  There never were enough votes to push through the legislature.  Now the Roe vs. Wade decision is likely to be overturned by the current Supreme Court.

PBS reports that the next steps are to see what the Supreme Court does and to take it to the polls in November.

Without the votes to pass their bill, Democrats have few options to block the eventual court ruling, if it overturns Roe v. Wade.

Democratic leaders have signaled that they instead intend to take the fight to voters ahead of this year’s midterms.

“We’ve got to win elections,” Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., said Tuesday.

With Biden’s terrible economy and terrible foreign policy blunders, the topic of abortion will not save the corrupt Democrat Party.