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Mississippi is under a state of emergency after a devastating tornado brought widespread destruction – flattening homes and businesses alike. Sky’s Martha Kelner has found almost everyone has a story to tell – including some remarkable tales of survival that seem to defy the odds.

As day breaks in Rolling Fork, Mississippi, the chirping birds in the blue skies above cut through the eerie quiet.

Occasionally, a car passes with the front window rolled down as people take phone pictures and videos of destruction on a film-set scale.

A lone figure is plotting a path between mounds of wood and corrugated iron, which bear little resemblance to what stood here before.

It is the first time Erwin Macon, a janitor at the local primary school, has been back in the daylight to see what remains of the place he calls home.

The footprint of his mobile home is still there. Everything else, as he says, is gone.

“A lot of people lost their lives. Coming by here, seeing this, it’s hard to deal with,” he says, looking into the distance.

“I’m blessed to be alive.”

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