Source: Joe Hoft

In multiple swing states flash drives (USBs) used in the 2020 Election process were reported either missing or suspiciously inserted into the voting systems used in the election.


In Arizona, on November 5th a home was raided and USBs were obtained along with hard drives and computers.  

What was an individual doing with these items only a couple of days after the election?


In the State Farm Arena in Fulton County Georgia we identified numerous activities where USBs were transferred suspiciously between election personnel.  One was a strange pass between a mother and her daughter, two elections workers made famous due to their suspicious activities during the election.

Georgia (Continued)

In Gwinnett County an official admitted to taking data from the Election Management System, plugging it into a laptop, then filtering it with Excel. This circumvented the rules that external software isn’t allowed on election machines.  However, rather than being upset with this activity, Georgia election COO (or whatever his title is) Gabe Sterling went off on the media for reporting this.

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