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The phenomenon of MAC broadcasts from people “vaccinated” against Covid is an alarming fact demonstrating a cause-and-effect relationship, Corona2Inspect writes . Corona2Inspect has made a short video to explain how it happens and what the possible consequences could be. But before you get to the video at the end of this article, a little background on the content of Covid injections, as it relates to the MAC phenomenon, writes .

There is three clear evidence that there is micro- or nanotechnology associated with nano-communications in the Covid injections, Corona2Inspect’s Mik Andersen explained during an interview with RichPlanet earlier this year.

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The first is the detection of rectangular and quadrangular objects corresponding to a morphology of micro or nano “bow-tie antennas” or double and quadruple leaf “bow-ties” , which have been explicitly collected in the scientific literature in the context of intracorporeal wireless nano communication networks for nano electronic devices.

The second piece of evidence is the detection of objects with apparently circled circuits, with an important similarity to the demux circuits of nano-routers , among other devices not yet identified, see the images obtained by La Quinta Columna and the New Zealand team from researchers .

Third, the localization of graphical evidence of epitexial self-assembly based on synthetic or artificial DNA templates . Recently, a new test of synthetic DNA self-assembly and nanotechnology has been obtained, finding an exact match between the type of crystals that form in vaccines compared to those observed in the scientific literature on DNA nanotechnology. This latest finding is about to be published, and we hope it will eventually clear up any doubts about it.

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Mike Andersen further explained that wireless nanocommunication networks for intracorporeal nanodevices have two clear objectives.

The first is to monitor and collect data on the individual’s parameters, activity or neurological, cardiac and physiological data, and to facilitate its transmission to remote servers and databases, on the Internet, to collect the Big Data. forms and their analysis by means of artificial intelligence (“AI”) software.

The second is the interaction with the individual, especially in the neural part and the human psyche.

MAC addresses are set in memory circuits (we also think constructed with synthetic DNA and graphene). In this way, they receive the electromagnetic signals and automatically encode them into another simpler type of signal, called TS-OOK, which in turn transfers the data in binary to the next level in the topology, which is the nano-interface… The nano-interface is another self-assembled electronic device capable of encoding the binary TS-OOK data for extra-body transmission.

The nano interface sends messages with very specific headers , identifying the MAC device, the IP address to which the information is sent, and the binary content containing the information obtained by the nodes in the base of the topology. These messages must be received by a “gateway” – a mobile device or a smartphone with an Internet connection – which would be responsible for sending the message to the destination without the owner’s knowledge, and remain hidden in the data traffic. In other words, any cell phone near the vaccinated individual could relay the data generated by the nano-network.

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Mike Andersen also explained that the MAC addresses are not “always on”.

A vaccinated person does not always transmit these MAC addresses, which are visible through the mobile phone’s Bluetooth receiver. This is described in the scientific literature, in particular in the wireless nano-communication protocols DCCORONA and EECORONA. As stated, one of the problems of nano-communication networks is the limited energy they have to operate. This means that they are not always on, working, or signaling. This only happens when they receive signals from outside the body or when information is collected that must be passed on.

Mike Andersen recommends watching a three-part documentary, “Brain Jabbed,” made by RichPlanet TV host Richard Hall, which explains many of the topics covered in his interview with RichPlanet. The first part of Brain Jabbed can be found by following this LINK .

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In a recent video, Mik Anderson summarized the MAC address phenomenon. What could be the cause, what it consists of, what implications it has for the person and society, the role of MAC protocols in the network and much more.

At the end of the video is a section devoted to speculations about its possible applications, based on those reported in the scientific literature and the contents confirmed and revealed in vaccines, graphene and derivatives.

Since the topics discussed can be complicated for most of us to understand, we have attached a copy of the transcript of the video, which you may find helpful.

After watching Corona2Inspect’s video below, you may want to test the MAC phenomenon yourself with your smartphone. To enable you to do so, Corona2Inspect provides in the article “ Summary of the MAC phenomenon and the intracorporeal network of nano communications ” , the applications and MAC OIU finders to verify that the MAC addresses your phone detects are with a manufacturer. hear from electronic devices. Among these clues, Corona2Inspect has listed numerous scientific articles, which you can use to do deeper research.

Corona2Inspect: Summary of the MAC phenomenon and the intra-body nano-network of communications , 8 May 2022 (24 min)