First known senator to have “breakthrough” case of COVID-19.

Source: Nworeport

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said Monday that he tested positive for the coronavirus despite already getting two doses of the experimental injection.

“I was just informed by the House physician I have tested positive for COVID-19 even after being vaccinated,” he tweeted. “I started having flu-like symptoms Saturday night and went to the doctor this morning.”

“I feel like I have a sinus infection and at present time I have mild symptoms. I will be quarantining for ten days,” he added.

And despite getting infected by the China Virus even after receiving the jab, Graham still praised the experimental shot!

“I am very glad I was vaccinated because without vaccination I am certain I would not feel as well as I do now. My symptoms would be far worse,” he said.

This is just more evidence that contradicts the establishment’s false narrative that the experimental mRNA vaccine prevents the contraction and spread of COVID.

Last week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a study showing 74% of new COVID “delta” cases in the state are among the vaccinated.

And Iceland and Gibraltar have seen a huge spike in COVID cases despite over 90% of their populations getting the shot.