A 2011 Vanity Fair article confirms Epstein's clients included Queen Elizabeth II

Accused child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein reportedly had Queen Elizabeth II as one of his clients, according to a claim made in a 2011 Vanity Fair article.

In a rare interview with the convicted pedophile and his associates, journalist Vicky Ward discusses Epstein’s “complicated past” and explores his ties to influential public figures such as Bill Clinton and Kevin Spacey, as well as his billionaire-only clientele.

“Also on the list of admirers are former senator George Mitchell and a gaggle of distinguished scientists, most of whom Epstein has helped fund in recent years. They include Nobel Prize winners Gerald Edelman and Murray Gell-Mann, and mathematical biologist Martin Nowak,” the article states.

Speaking with Gell-Mann, Vicky Ward discovers that “there are always pretty ladies around” when he has dinner with Epstein.

He’s under the impression that Epstein’s clients include the Queen of England,” Vicky writes.

“Both Nowak and Dershowitz were thrilled to find themselves shaking the hand of a man named “Andrew” in Epstein’s house, “ the article continues.

The “Andrew” being referred to here is Prince Andrew – Queen Elizabeth’s second son.

Read the full Vanity Fair article here.

According to a 2015 affidavit by Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre, Prince Andrew had sex with her three times when she was under the U.S. federal age of majority of 18.