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(Natural News) An unknown billionaire with a fortune of up to $35 billion died from the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccination”, but nobody noticed until a $7 billion estate tax payment was made to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

The Treasury Department says it received the $7 billion in “estate and gift” taxes on Feb. 28, 2023, from a contributor who would have been one of the 100 richest people in the world – so who was it?

We do not know the identity of the individual who died, other than the fact that this kind of thing has been happening a lot ever since the launch of Operation Warp Speed. Estate and gift taxes collected remained relatively stable until the advent of covid jabs, after which IRS collections of this type began to skyrocket.

In the fiscal year that began in October, the IRS has already collected more than $9 billion in estate and gift taxes. This amount is more than the amount the IRS received in all of 2022 – that is how sizable this sudden influx of payments is.

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Will more fully vaccinated billionaires die, providing even more cash to the IRS?

According to John Ricco, an economist and the associate director of budget analysis at Penn Wharton Budget Model, this surge in estate and gift tax payments to the IRS is “likely due to a large number of deaths during the covid pandemic,” to quote the Daily Mail Online.

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