Source: Todd Butterfield

The COVID-19 digital vax pass is the Panzer tank of the next wave of the global public health Blitzkrieg.  If a person complies and gets their COVID-19 shots, they get a personal QR code. They can show this code on their smartphone to participate in society.  This plan is being rolled out around the world and has spread from Israel to Europe to Australia, and now has been established in the most strategic U.S. cities including Washington D.C., New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.  Some people with a whole lot of power are now seizing a whole lot more power in the name of public health.    

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In Israel, it has been used the longest.  They call it the Green Pass, also translated as “Green Mark.”  Israel first used it back in the spring and reinstated it in August. Under this program, your smartphone shows your Green Mark QR code to validate that you’re up to date on your Pfizer COVID shots.  With the pass, you’re allowed to be served at a restaurant; you can enter a library or the community pool; you can visit your elderly mom at the nursing home.  Some employers require it. Until recently in Israel, if you got your two Pfizer COVID-19 shots, your QR code would be activated.  But starting Oct. 3, shots received over six months ago, voided the passport. The 3rd shot, the booster, was required. This applies to everyone ages twelve and up.

There is important guidance for COVID-19 vax passports that the World Health Organization published at the end of August 2021.  The title of this guidance is Technical Specifications and Implementation Guidance on Digital Documentation of Covid-19 Certificates. This “Guidance” provides direction to countries as they issue digital COVID-19 vax passes so that all these will meet common standards and potentially function together.

Guess who paid for the work?  Under the acknowledgments, it says that the work was funded by Bill Gates’ foundation and four other funders. 

Some of the things in the Guidance are pretty hard to believe — you have to read them for yourself.  For starters, everyone in the world with a vaccine passport receives their own ID number.  This is called a “globally unique identifier” on page 18 and includes an alphanumeric number and a machine scannable QR code.    

The Guidance requires your COVID-19 vaccination history to be verified by the digital signatures of authorized persons, like DocuSign.  Once you’re up to schedule with your COVID jabs and your papers are in order, you get the PASS, which the Guidance defines as, “A document that gives an individual the authorization to have access to something, such as public spaces, events, and modes of transport.”  If your globally unique machine scannable QR code checks out, then as long as it does, you will have permission to participate in society. 

Although COVID-19 is the WHO’s purported reason that governments need this new vax pass system, the Guidance also makes clear that this system could be used to potentially store a lot more information than your COVID shot history.  Here is how the Guidance defines the Health Data which could potentially be a part of this system: “Health Data:  Personal data related to the physical or mental health of a natural person, including the provision of health services, which reveal information about his or her health status. These include personal data derived from the testing or examination of a body part or bodily substance, including from genetic data and biological samples.”  The Guidance also describes how this system could include other Personal Data, including “any information relating to an individual who is or can be identified, directly or indirectly, from that information. Personal data include biographical data (biodata), such as name, sex, civil status, date and place of birth, country of origin, country of residence, individual registration number, occupation, religion and ethnicity, biometric data, such as a photograph, fingerprint, facial or iris image, health data, as well as any expression of opinion about the individual, such as assessments of his or her health status and/or specific needs.”  Since this definition is broad enough to include your Google search history, you may have the specific need to be hauled off to the state’s inpatient re-education facility!  It’s a vax pass today, a social credit score tomorrow.

This is what the Guidance says about ethics: “Ethics should be an integral part of the design and deployment of this solution. However, policy decisions are often complex and difficult. Many different considerations will need to be made and weighed against each other. Often, the evidence is uncertain and there are many different competing ethical perspectives and positions. Evidence alone will not provide the right answer, nor will a simple set of ethical rules. Public health action requires careful judgment and acceptance of responsibility for the outcomes. A number of different ethical considerations should be taken into account.”  So, this is not exactly like Moses coming down the mountain.  They are saying that they are unprincipled people who have been put in charge of designing a new public health global leper colony system…  but without any real leprosy.  So, they don’t have any clear ethical guidelines — but they want you to trust them.  The Guidance makes no mention at all of the real ethical issues:  that it is unethical for governments to have totalitarian control or to build an information system that’s designed to support international totalitarian control. That the system is worse than segregation, because, unlike the evil of segregation, where people deemed second class has a second-class service they can access, it literally shuts out people who don’t want to be vaccinated from the economy, from society, and even blocks their ability to travel to a place that would give them refuge. 

The vax pass system cannot work if there is a critical mass of people who come together and decide not to use it — a critical mass of people, whether vaccinated or unvaccinated, who will not consent.  This government derives its power from the consent of those who comply with requirements to use their smartphone passports.  If you comply, you’re complicit.  It may be tempting to “be normal” or to get the benefits.  But if you use it, you enable a system of worldwide segregation.  We hope that you see by now why the public should have every reason to distrust this vax pass system, and every reason to distrust the people behind it.  Regardless of whether you are vaccinated, let us determine to never participate in a system of vaccine passports, or if you have used a vax pass, to delete it and never use it again.  As we join the growing movement in Europe, Australia, and Israel, this can become the Civil Rights movement of our time.