Foxx post an Instagram update, as requests for prayers over the weekend renewed concerns over his condition. Many questions whether the experimental Covid vaccine could be behind the mystery illness.

Posted BY: Teresa | NwoReport

Actor Jamie Foxx shared proof of life on social media three weeks after being hospitalized due to a medical emergency caused by blood clots and a stroke.

“Appreciate all the love!!!” the 55-year-old entertainer wrote on Instagram Wednesday, adding, “Feeling blessed!”

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The postmarks Foxx’s first public comments since his hospitalization in April.

Foxx was hospitalized suddenly for a “serious medical complication” back on April 11 while filming a Netflix movie in Atlanta.

A source claimed last month Foxx required resuscitation.

“Jamie suffered a serious medical episode and needed immediate attention. It was touch and go for days with him, and he had to be revived — he is very lucky to be alive!” the source reportedly told Radar Online.

“He’s very lucky he got the treatment he did,” the source added. “Jamie suffers from high blood pressure, which doctors say can cause clots in the brain, leading to a stroke. Doctors believe this was a long time coming, and really, if they hadn’t acted fast, Jamie might well have been a goner.”

The actor’s condition appeared to be improving last month with reports claiming he was “awake and alert,” but requests for prayers from friends and family over the weekend renewed concerns over his condition.

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