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(Natural News) Now the White House is targeting the poor for depopulation. After causing record food inflation through money printing, food facility sabotage, and the dismantling of energy infrastructure needed by farming operations, the Biden regime is now arranging for $20 in grocery retail credit for those who are willing to be injected with so-called covid “vaccines” — actually depopulation bioweapons designed to maim and kill.

Thus, the Biden White House is now targeting the poor for extermination, and this policy will disproportionately target low-income, inner-city Black Americans, the same demographic group that has been targeted for extermination by Planned Parenthood abortions and eugenics programs for decades.

As the UK Daily Mail reports:

Biden’s Covid bribe: Americans who get a booster vaccine this winter will get $20 discounts on their groceries…

People who get the Omicron-specific shot at CVS, Safeway, Winn-Dixie, or Rite Aid will get up to $20 off their purchases this winter.

It comes amid a soaring inflation crisis that has driven up the price of household staples.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is recommending that aged five years and upwards get the bivalent booster.

Grocery retailers run ethnic cleansing campaigns against Blacks in America

In my view, this looks like CVS, Safeway, Winn-Dixie and Rite Aid are all pushing depopulation shots for poor Black in America, adding to the genocide that has long been pursued by Planned Parenthood, whose founder once described negroes as “human weeds” that needed to be eradicated.

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