Posted BY: Joe Hoft

It’s not been easy, but John James finally overcame the Democrat steal in Michigan to win a US House seat for the GOP. 

John James ran for the US Senate against the lazy and unimpressive Debbie Stabenow in 2018 and lost the race.  We have no idea how much Democrat electioneering was involved.

Then, James ran against another unimpressive Senator from Michigan, Gary Peters.  Wayne County (Detroit area) somehow pulled out the win for this lackluster Democrat.

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Now in his third time running for a seat in DC, John James overcame the Democrat machine to win a US House seat in Michigan.

James held a 14 point lead in the polling before the election.

James ended up winning by less than one percentage point and 2,000 votes!

MLive reported:

As projected by multiple news organizations and analysts Wednesday morning, James is expected to keep his lead and become Michigan’s 10th U.S. House district representative with 48.8% of the vote being reported. His Democratic opponent, retired judge Carl Marlinga, trailed with 48.3% of the vote.

James lead his Democratic opponent for nearly the entire night until early Wednesday, Nov. 9, when the vote totals began to inch to incredibly thin margins. Nevertheless, James ended up prevailing over Marlinga by a difference of 1,601 votes as of time of reporting.