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The plane of US Vice President Kamala Harris broke down in Munich. Bloomberg journalist Jennifer Jacobs wrote about this on Saturday, February 18, on her Twitter page.

Kamala Harris will return to the US from Germany on a C-17 support aircraft.

Jacobs later noted that Harris had already been eliminated. In addition, the journalist posted footage with the US Vice President before boarding a dark gray military transport plane.

The vice president’s press pool also said that Harris would return to the US aboard a military transport aircraft. “Gazeta.Ru”.

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Harris flew to Munich to attend conference on security, which takes place this year on February 17-19.

The conference was founded in 1962 by the German publicist Ewald von Kleist as a “meeting of representatives of the defense departments” of NATO member countries. Since 1999, politicians and military personnel from the states of Central and Eastern Europe, as well as business representatives, began to take part in it.

On February 1, The American Thinker columnist Jared Peterson expressed the opinion that Western countries made a mistake when they ignored the main message of the Munich speech of Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2007, which eventually led to the conflict in Ukraine.