Livid man commits violence after being informed he’s living through a psychological operation.

Source: Adan Salazar

A camera was rolling when an activist attempting to warn the public about the Covid-19 psy-op was assaulted by an angry bicyclist.

In the video, activist Alexander Lasarev is being driven around the streets of Vancouver, British Columbia, bull-horning passersby when an irate cyclist approaches the vehicle and attempts to grab the amplification device.

“Isolate yourselves. Wear your masks. Social distance. Just trust the narrative,” Lasarev announces sarcastically. “You’ve never been lied to about anything. The government loves you. Trust the media.”

“There’s definitely NOT a psychological operation happening when you’re convinced of a reality that’s based on fear that has nothing to do with what’s actually happening,” he tells the public.

The speech prompts an angry pedestrian to reach for the bullhorn while lunging toward the vehicle, yelling, “Fuck you! You shut the fuck up!”

After failing to strip the bullhorn from Lasarev, the frenzied man proceeds to use his bike to strike the vehicle.

“I can’t stand pieces of shit like you!” the irritated man says, hitting the vehicle repeatedly and eventually breaking the passenger side window.

On Instagram, the Toronto-based comedian captioned his encounter: “cyclist flips out, smashes car window. Well, that escalated quickly…”