In The UK “they banned handguns after one school shooting”

Posted BY: Steve Watson

Appearing on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, a BBC reporter appeared completely confounded as to why the U.S. government hasn’t just banned guns altogether like the UK did in the 1990s.

BBC reporter Katty Kay, who was brought on to talk about the Queen’s Jubilee, was used by Joe Scarborough to hammer home the point that all the British people he knows keep asking him “what’s wrong with you Americans and your guns?”

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“The contrast, and it’s between the United States and Great Britain, is so striking, considering we share so much in common,” Scarborough continued, adding “But in this one area, it’s just — the difference is just shocking, isn’t it?”

Kay agreed, adding “this is making it very hard for allies of America, friends of America, people who love this country as I do, who’ve lived here for very long, to defend the country at the moment, when every single morning, we wake up and there is another mass shooting.”

She continued, “we keep getting asked, what is going on in that country? Why can’t they fix this? In the UK, you know this, Joe, they fixed it.”

“It was a conservative government that fixed the United Kingdom’s gun problem in 1980 after a mass shooting. They banned assault weapons,” Kay proclaimed.

The reporter added that “In the 1990s, they banned handguns after one school shooting. It’s all it took, in Dunblain, Scotland, and the United Kingdom banned handguns. It now has amongst the lowest rate of gun deaths of any westernized countries.”

“No other Western country tolerates this,” Kay further declared.


Last week Joe Biden announced an intention to bring about sweeping gun control measures, including a ban on “assault weapons” and “high capacity” magazines, as well as red flag laws, new laws on background checks and storage, and a vow to “repeal the immunity of gun manufacturers from liability.”

Biden claimed during his speech that he wasn’t taking away anyone’s rights.