Also confuses Constitution with the Declaration Of Independence

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Joe Biden slurred his way through the train wreck of an interview Thursday, claiming there was a civil war in the U.S. in 1960 and mixing up the Constitution and the Declaration Of Independence before wandering off the set like a lost Alzheimer’s sufferer.

During the 20-minute MSNBC interview, Biden essentially repeated everything host Nicolle Wallace said.

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Unsurprisingly Wallace failed to ask a single question about the massive bribery scandal Biden is alleged to have overseen, including being present when his own son shook down a Chinese Communist Party businessman.

At one point Biden told that completely made-up story he always uses about becoming a lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania.

He then declared that the Constitution says ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal…’ and claimed there had been a civil war in 1960.

Biden then doddered off the set before they went to commercial:
Maybe he needed to get back to the respiratory device that’s keeping him alive.

How is this guy in any shape to be President now, let alone for another five years?